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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a method of getting your website to rank higher in search engines like Google. When Internet users search for your business or service, your website should be the first one they find. SEO helps your company get recognized according to your relevance to specific keywords that people search for online.

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Getting customers with Google Adwords

PPC (pay per click) also know as Google adwords is a very complex advertising system. Google has made it seem as though its easy to set up and get visitors to your website. What Google doesn’t tell you is that there are many pitfalls when setting up your campaign that can cost you way more money that it should. Of course they want to make it seem as though it easy. They encourage business owners to sign up by giving them a free credit that can be uses toward their first campaign. What they don’t tell you is that you will most likely burn through that $100 credit in a matter of days if you set up your campaign yourself. I have had numerous business owners say to me that “google adwords is a rip off. I spent $600 and didn’t get any customers out of it.” Well what google doesn’t tell you is that there are options to reduce your costs including geo targeting. Geo targeting means that only people in a desired area will see your ads. ...

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