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Lead Generation


At Mint Marketing we understand that starting a business can be expensive. We know because we’ve helped dozens of small business get traction in many competitive industries.

For this reason we are willing to participate in lead generation agreements where the website is built by us and you pay only once it starts working. These deals can be based on a percentage of revenue or a pay per call basis. Click bellow to read more about these deals.


Percentage Of Revenue: 5-10% of revenue that is brought to your business by means of the website and marketing system we build for you will be shared with us. That means that you don’t pay a dime for your marketing system until you make money from it! Call us crazy but we believe so much in our marketing that were sure its going to work. And once your sure the system works, you can purchase exclusive rights and own the website fully yourself.
Pay Per Call: With our call tracking software we can tell exactly how many callers your business got based on our marketing efforts.  We also know how many of those calls were answered vs unanswered and what city they came from. We can offer you a flat rate for phone calls generated to your business. We’re trading you dimes for dollars. With a strong sales team in place this is a sure winner for your company.


Only qualifying companies are eligible for lead generation agreements. Please contact us to see if your business qualifies.

Or you can check out our portfolio to see other businesses we’ve helped get off the ground. Most of our customers started as lead generation agreements until their business were pulling in profit.

Were very interested in working with motivated people who are determined to grow a business. Think of it as a partnership in success.

We’re here to help get you going.